Transforming Communities through Relationship
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Thanks to You!

Our April 16, 2016 “Spring Fiesta” was a fantastic event with 160 attendees who came out to the Northwest African American Museum to support EAB. Because of compassionate, action-oriented supporters like you, we raised nearly $68,000, from friends here in Seattle and across the U.S. Your donation helps us sustain and improve our scholarship, home building, and health programs in the Dominican Republic— helping people in body, mind, and spirit. And it will help many people eager to break free from poverty achieve a brighter, more hopeful future. Thank you for helping us practice mercy, work for justice, and “transform communities through relationship.”

Cheryl Healy and Martha DeSapio were outstanding event volunteers!


Jahayra was barely a teenager when I first met her, about twelve years ago. She had just completed the 8th grade with straight A’s, but she couldn’t afford the bus or the books for high school. EAB gave her a scholarship and watched her flourish, beating “the 12% odds” through high school and right into college.

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Batey Libertad water project: Three years in the planning, organizing, and sweating, IT IS NOW COMPLETE. See the slide show!"

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Andrew Hermann is a senior at Seattle Preparatory School, and a two-time veteran of EAB’s immersion program, the Pentecost Project. In his immersion experiences, he saw that the choices we make in the US– regarding coffee, clothing, or just about anything– affect the world’s most vulnerable, and guided by the relationships he formed and renewed in the DR.

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EAB's 2016 VIDEO