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EAB is Looking For Interns

Education Across Borders is looking for motivated graduate and undergraduates to help us with public relations, events, and donor relations. Please see the job descriptions here. If you're interested in gaining hands-on experience with a successful, grassroots nonprofit, and can lend us your talents and passion, contact director John McLaughlin to apply. Please visit our Internship page under Support Our Work Email:, subject line: Internship.

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We are thrilled to announce that Maritza Altagracia Michel, resident of Batey Libertad, has become the 5th scholarship student to earn her college degree. Maritza completed her studies in Tourism Business Administration this summer term, and her community celebrated her achievements in an early August fiesta, complete with a slide show and live music.

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Yolanda is a mother of six in Batey Libertad. She and her husband struggled for years to feed their children, never able to save enough to rebuild their deteriorating home. Yolanda’s family invested both a sweat and cash equity into the project.

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Andrew Hermann is a senior at Seattle Preparatory School, and a two-time veteran of EAB’s immersion program, the Pentecost Project. In his immersion experiences, he saw that the choices we make in the US– regarding coffee, clothing, or just about anything– affect the world’s most vulnerable, and guided by the relationships he formed and renewed in the DR.

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Our donors' generosity has enabled EAB to expand our services again this year. On behalf of the many good Dominicans whose lives are changed for the better through our programs, we offer you our sincere thanks.

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