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Milanda mentor-aComing Full Circle  Milanda Ramírez Estache

As a little girl, Milanda was the kind of child that won the heart of everyone who met her; even those who’d try not to fall in love with her couldn’t succeed. EAB’s first board members, and the early immersion group participants, surely remember her spunk, her calm, and her contagious smile. Those, in combination with her work ethic and the tireless support of her family, got her through grade school; generous and faithful EAB donors supported her through high school, and later college, where she earned her bachelor’s in Nursing in October 2012.

Now, following her family’s model of service, Milanda is giving back. (Her stepfather, Papito, is the community’s project administrator; her mother, Nanota, coordinates and cooks for EAB’s immersion groups when they’re in Batey Libertad.) Since the spring, Milanda has worked part-time for EAB as an academic mentor, and project coordinator, for both Batey Libertad and Franco Bidó. Her main goals: to help students finish high school better prepared for college, and to facilitate communication and solidarity between the communities. She receives a monthly stipend, which helps her pursue her master’s degree in Nursing.   “I’m excited to work with the students and families and leaders,” she said recently. “Together we can do a lot for our programs. Thanks for having the confidence in me to give me this opportunity.”