Transforming Communities through Relationship

Immersion & Community Service

The Pentecost Project: Service-Learning Immersion Programs

The Pentecost Project is a unique service-learning program that creates opportunities for students and adults from the US to be immersed in the reality of the poor in the Dominican Republic; by building relationships together, we work for change.

At its core is the hope of conscientization: developing the critical consciousness (of self, and of local and global communities) to understand the roots of injustice and oppression, in all forms, as well as the ability to convert compassion into action for the common good.

As one former Pentecost Project participant says, “I will never forget the lessons I learned and the honest and hard working people I met.

Click here to read more testimonials from some of the more than 450 people we have led on this life-changing journey since 1999. Our participants are high schoolers, college students, and adults of all ages. We work closely with Dominican community leaders to plan our programs, and offer different itineraries to accommodate group interests and budgets.

Our community service projects meet immediate, critical needs of the poor in the Dominican Republic, such as housing, health care, and sanitation. Since 1999, we have helped to make great improvements in the lives of hundreds of Dominicans in these areas.

Participants call the experience a life-changing one. We invite you to become part of our family! For inquiries, please contact EAB Director John McLaughlin. Then watch a photo slideshow of the experience of one recent Pentecost Project immersion group.

(We generally work with groups, which are often formed and organized by a sponsoring school, university, or church. We can only rarely place individuals into these groups, and we are not able to place individuals into short-term service opportunities in our communities. However, we occasionally offer programs which accept applicants on an individual basis. Contact EAB for more info.)


Please download and fill out the waiver and medical forms, and return them to EAB according to the instructions given by EAB and/or your school/parish.

Participants can also download: a sample itinerary, current packing list, a cholera prevention message, and an article about solidarity

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