A professional degree opens job possibilities and promotes class mobility, even in the Dominican Republic. With EAB’s help, 10 young Dominicans now have college degrees, and 5 have technical degrees, with many more expected in coming years.

These talented and hard-working young men and women have graduated with a university or technical degree.
Loisa Fransua Yuasa (Nursing, 2009) works as a nurse in Wanament, Haiti.





Yanlico Munesi Dusdal (Accounting, 2010) directs the “Sports for Life” program in the Dominican Republic and is the Coordinator of Youth Programs for the DREAM Project, a nonprofit in Cabarete, DR.





Johnny Belarme Charle (Medicine, 2012) has established his neighborhood medical practice in Santiago, DR, where he lives with his wife and children.




Ronaldo Gonal Fransua Charle (Law, 2012) is a teacher and youth mentor with Yspaniola, a non-profit organization is Esperanza, DR.




Maritza Altagracia Michel (Admin. of Tourism, 2012) hosts at a hotel in Santiago, DR, where she lives with her husband and daughter.




Juan Sosa Estache (Auto Body Repair & Painting, 2009) works in an auto body shop in Esperanza, DR.





Roberto Rafael Nacien (Auto Body Repar & Painting, 2009) works in an auto body shop in Mao, DR.




Luifis Jose Luis (Mechanics, 2010) is an auto mechanic in Santiago, DR.





Yuly Ramirez Estache (Baking & Confectionery, 2012) is establishing a bakery and sweets shop in Esperanza, DR, where she lives with her daughters.




image_preview (9) Milanda Ramírez Estache (Nursing, 2012) worked with the Mariposa Foundation, and then EAB, after graduation, and now is completing her medical degree.






eabramontineowebRamón “Robertico” Tineo Polanzo (Law, 2012)






eabtonywebAntonio José Felipe (Law, 2013)