We believe that education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty and dependence. Since 2001, our Scholarship Program has acted on this belief, providing for the education of students from the marginalized communities of Batey Libertad and Franco Bidó.

Free public schooling is available in the Dominican Republic through high school, but it has many hidden costs: books, uniforms, and transportation make education an unaffordable luxury for many poor families.

EAB’s scholarship program covers these basic costs, and gives students the chance to follow their dreams to college or technical school (where they receive tuition support as well). Along the way, they receive mentoring to help them overcome academic and personal challenges, and participate in community service projects to develop positive habits of the heart.

  • Over 100 students are or have been enrolled in the program
  • 46 High School graduates
  • 5 Technical school graduates
  • 8 College graduates

Click here to meet the young adults on our scholarship waiting list.
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Much of this support has been made possible through Educational Partnerships, which match an individual, family, or group in the US with a deserving Dominican student in need, providing funding for the student’s education while building a cross-border relationship. US partners exchange letters and photos with the student, and will receive periodic updates about school progress. If you are interested in forming such a relationship, please contact us.

Scholarship funding levels

University: $3600/year ($300/month)
Technical school: $2000/year ($165/month)
High school: $700/year ($58/month)
Middle school: $500/year ($42/month)