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Old Homes in Batey Libertad

Old Homes in Batey Libertad


Substandard, inadequate– even dangerously unhealthy– housing is an all-too-common reality in the Dominican Republic, especially in rural areas and in batey communities. Many families’ homes are really improvised dwellings made of scraps of tin, warped wood, and cardboard– what might be considered garbage to some.

In such a home, it’s nearly impossible to have quality family time, much less to stay healthy and get ahead in school.

EAB has tackled this problem head-on, building decent cinder block homes with and for needy communities. Since 2000, we have completed 91 home projects, each one of them designed by community leaders to meet the needs they have identified.


Each project counts on volunteer labor, both from community residents and visiting US student groups (via the Pentecost Project, our immersion program). Each beneficiary family must invest both cash and sweat equity in their home, and must offer their labor to subsequent projects as well. We are proud of this model and believe it will help us sustain this program for many more years.