Health Care

Medicines are provided by student groups who come to the DR with the Cross Cultural Immersion; the groups procure them from CrossLink International and transport them to the clinic at their own cost. In 2009, with your help, the clinic was able to take a great step forward when it was connected to the electrical grid for the first time.

In 2010, we improved the clinic and its services by

  • building new medical storage units,
  • replacing three doors that are in disrepair, and
  • establishing a fund for medical emergencies and routine maintenance.

To help in any of these endeavors, or to help supply more medicine for the clinic, click here. For questions, contact us.




Worldwide, over 2.5 billion people lack decent sanitation; every 20 seconds, a child somewhere dies because of this lack. Some of these children live in the Dominican Republic. Lack of access to a toilet, or even an outhouse, makes ordinary daily living an incredibly precarious affair. EAB is committed to building clean, safe sanitation in rural and batey communities. We have built dozens of latrines over the years, always guided by our community leadership to guide us as to how to design and where to place each project.

Most recently, we are building composting latrines, our most durable and sustainable model. In Batey Libertad, these latrines will not only help children live healthier lives, they will fertilize a community garden project that puts food on families’ tables.