Environment & Agriculture

Environment & Agriculture

Human beings need clean air, and access to healthy, affordable food. EAB has worked with leaders in our communities to create projects to meet these needs.


Tree planting

We have planted hundreds of trees of many varieties, providing shade from tropical temperatures, healthy fruits, leaves for medicinal purposes, and homemade furniture. Much of the planting work has included children.

Community Garden

Seventeen families in Batey Libertad co-own and co-farm a small plot of land adjacent to the community, growing crops such as rice, plantains, eggplant, and corn.

Pig and Hen Projects

Community residents have constructed their own pigpens and hen houses to raise these animals. Pigs can provide a family with income and/or rich protein, as well as helping sustainably disposing of community waste– a critical factor in a community with limited garbage collection. Hens can provide eggs and meat for improved family nutrition.

Coming soon– Cleaner Wood Stoves

Wood and charcoal cooking is an unavoidable fact of life in rural communities, where cooking gas is unaffordable and inaccessible. Community leaders are developing a prototype stove that will use less wood and therefore emit less carbon into the environment.