Community Development


Community Development

EAB has initiated various development projects in the communities with which it partners. These efforts have greatly improved the standards of dignified housing, sanitation, public health, and environmental quality available to community residents.

Accomplishments Include:

  • 101 new homes or made major repairs/additions
  • 101 family latrines
  • Community health clinic serving 350+ patients/year
  • A community park, reforestation projects, animal husbandry, and more

Such improvements are made with the collaboration of Pentecost Project immersion groups and other supporters, under the direction of Dominican community leaders, and with the labor of both US visitors and Dominican residents.

Liquesy, Danise and their six children…

of Batey Libertad, are one example of a family life’s transformed through an EAB development project. Recently, they moved into this new cinder-block home. Watch our home construction slideshow to see this and other new houses take shape.