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The Gift of Healthy Living: Medical Care

Due to the inaccessibility and economic marginalization of the rural community of Franco Bidó, medical attention is often lacking. Our community health clinic, the St. Gregory Assistance Center, helps bridge the gap by providing medicine, basic nursing care, and referrals for 400 families in the area. Of particular value is care for Haitian migrant workers who otherwise may face medical discrimination.

Three Months of Medicine

This Gift For Real Change represents the donation of approximately a three-month supply of medicine for our rural health clinic in Franco Bidó.

Donation amount: $500

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Photo: Newly stocked shelves at the clinic.



Emergency Medical Fund

This Gift For Real Change represents the contribution necessary to cover emergency surgeries and doctors’ visits as they come up, through the caring hands of our clinic administrator, Felicia Puntiel.

Donation amount: $2,500

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Photo: Franco Bidó community leader and nurse Fella attends Santo, a migrant worker.