Gifts for Real Change

EAB’s Gifts For Real Change

Looking for an alternative way to honor a loved one? Wanting to give a gift that makes a difference?

Here’s how it works

  1. 1) You choose a gift from the catalog below, sending a check directly to EAB, or making a secure online
    donation via WePay.
  2. 2) Your loved one receives a lovely, hand-made card:  Just fill out our
    gift card form.
  3. 3) Your gift changes a life! EAB partners with Dominican communities to co-create lasting solutions to extreme poverty.

The Gift of Education

Gifts of Education support our Scholarship and Literacy programs. (For more information click on image. To Donate Now use
text link)

School Supplies
1 Month of High School
1 Month of Literacy Class

1 Month of Tech School
1 Month of University
1 Year of Middle School

1 Year of High School
1 Year of Tech School
1 Year of University

The Gift of Healthy Living

Gifts of Healthy Living support our Community Development and Health projects. (For more information click on image. To Donate
Now use text link)

Water Jug & Bottles
50 New Trees
100 Cement Blocks

Flock of Hens
1 Pig
3 Months of Medicine

1 Latrine
Emergency Medical Fund
1 New Home

To most effectively pursue our mission, Education Across Borders will use donations where the need is greatest,  in accordance
with the judgment of our staff, Board, and Dominican leadership committees. Each purchase from this catalog is therefore
a contribution to the entire mission; the gifts are meant to represent the breadth of projects undertaken in its pursuit.