New Latrine Initiative

In Batey Libertad, and a new Parnter Community: Batey II

Poor, inadequate, or nonexistent sanitation adversely affects 2.5 billion people worldwide, including hundreds of thousands in the Dominican Republic. Most so-called “water-borne diseases” can be traced to the lack a decent toilet, or even an outhouse; life without this most basic of amenities is fragile indeed, especially for children.

EAB has always been committed to building clean, hygenic, life-changing latrines for communities in need, and now we are proud to announce the addition of yet another community: Batey II, a neighboring community of Batey Libertad.

In February we put your donations to work in both these communities, constructing five new composting latrines. This project, designed by community leaders and built by the beneficiary families, will take our previous latrine project even further. These latrines will be our most durable and sustainable yet: they will keep families healthier by preventing the spread of cholera and typhoid, and provide fertilizer for our community garden project, which feeds dozens of families. We hope to build many more this year. The grateful residents thank you!