Service Immersion Program

What are you looking for?

The EAB Service-Learning Program is a different kind of international volunteer experience. It’s about story — yours, mine, and the big one we’re all part of.  It’s about relationship — meeting the other in a way that’s personal, real, and human. It’s about partnership — walking and working together to make a difference that lasts.

“I learned about real community, and it was so powerful, not just to give back but to see right away the difference it makes.”  

—Josh, US participant

Where are you going?

Our goals are simple…and ambitious.

  • Promote personal growth…by providing a safe, fun, and transformative service experience, connecting you to a bigger world
  • Make an authentic impact…in our partner communities, by listening, learning, and engaging in community-identified projects that meet real needs today
  • Advance the cause of justice…locally and globally, through the practice of reflection, and by inspiring commitments to life-long service

“EAB’s service groups are part of the life and progress of our community.”  

—Felicia, Dominican community leader

The EAB Difference

Our program is holistic, engaging your hands, head, and heart, because that’s how real transformation happens.

Physical work…makes it real. Projects are planned with community leaders, and meet urgent community needs.

Learning…takes it further. We get first-hand insight on social justice issues affecting our partner communities.

Reflection…takes it deeper, and makes it last. We take time each day to pray, ask the tougher questions, and find God in all things.

You can be a part of it!

Get more information here.  Already coming with us?  Check out this helpful info.

“I am forever grateful to EAB for giving me my understanding of what it means to live in solidarity and work for justice.”  

—Jo Jo, US participant