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Welcome Immersion Participants and Families!

Please fill out the waiver and medical form, according to the instructions given by EAB and/or your school/parish.

Participants can also download: 2 Week Summer Itinerary, current Packing List, a preparations checklist, a cholera prevention message, and an article about international service.

Interested in donating medicines, clothing, or school supplies? Great! Click below:
EAB General Health Tips and Suggestions 2020
EAB Donations Most Needed

Upcoming Programs:

Regis University 2020

February 28 –  March 8

Independent Group 2020

June 6 – June 13

Seattle Prep Group 2020

Prep 2020 Flight Itinerary

June 14 – June 27

Vancouver Parish Group 2020

July 7 – July 17