Come on an experience that will transform you!

“EAB’s service program is a life-changer. It provides that essential lifting-up that only a face-to-face, community-based experience can provide.”  

—Brian, US teacher & service director

ITINERARIES:teen and child

The in-country program is typically one or two weeks, but we work with other timelines, too. 

Components include:

  • Homestay with a Dominican family
  • Hands-on service projects in 1-2 communities (home building, etc)
  • Visits to rural, urban, and immigrant communities
  • KIDS! Encounters with children and peer-aged youth
  • Story-based, experiential learning
  • First-hand local and expert testimonies
  • Prayer & reflection


(for summer program; inquire for other times of year):

  • Fall: recruitment and application
  • Winter & Spring: group formation and preparations
  • Summer: In the D.R.!

Group leaders: EAB handles all aspects of the experience once you are in the D.R., and we can assist with recruiting and promotion

Participants call the experience a life-changing one. We invite you to become part of our family!

Summer 2020 Applications

Teen with child

Adult application

Youth application

For more information before you apply, please contact us using the form below.

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