Auction Items Preview 2

The auction is getting very close!  Here are a few more great prizes that will be available Saturday, March 23. Get your ticket now before they sell out!  Save My Seat

Thanks for your support!

We are THRILLED to report that we met our fundraising goals for this Holiday Season! Your gift truly makes a difference. We are so grateful for your generosity this holiday season in support of our friends in the… Read More

Building Back Better

What if you lost everything?   This summer, Susana’s community in the D.R. did. In marginalized areas of the Dominican Republic, blackouts are common.   In a small community called Batey II, a power surge exploded a charging cell phone… Read More

Welcome to the team, Jahayra!

We’ve known Jahayra for many years now, since our first year taking service groups to Franco Bidó in 2003. At that time, she was a painfully shy girl with big glasses and her nose in a book at… Read More

Our Newest Staff Member

EAB’s work is coming full circle again! Ronaldo Fransua Charles, whom we’ve known for more than 20 years, and who graduated from high school and college (bachelor, Law) with the support of EAB’s scholarship program, has just come… Read More