Building Back Better

Fire DamageWhat if you lost everything?   This summer, Susana’s community in the D.R. did.

In marginalized areas of the Dominican Republic, blackouts are common.   In a small community called Batey II, a power surge exploded a charging cell phone late one night.  Homes there are made of old, cast-off materials: scraps of wood, tin, and cardboard, and often papers are stuffed into the cracks, to keep out dust and mosquitoes. And the homes are packed tightly together, even sharing walls, while the people inside are packed in too.  

When the power surged, and the phone exploded, that room in that home caught fire.  Then the whole house. Then nearly 40 houses.

“This is where I used to live,” Susana told us. “Right away, three rooms burned, including mine, where I lived with my children, my sister, and her child.”Susana and family

Susana and her neighbors lost everything: clothing, bedding, food, and the few possessions they had.  

“I have four children. I don’t have a husband or a job. I only had my house but it burned and now I have nothing. But thanks be to God, I am alive.”

She lost everything except her life and her children… and her hope.

This holiday season, EAB wants to help Susana and her neighbors build back better.  And we want you to be a part of it.

These families are asking for our partnership, because they’ve seen the difference EAB can make.  We listen, we collaborate… and we get things done the right way, for the long term. We change lives, and transform communities.

We’ve built 103 home projects in marginalized Dominican communities, and we’ve done it shoulder-to-shoulder with the beneficiaries. Working with them, not for them. Partnering with, not doing for.more fire damage

Susana is hopeful. “I’m praying that you’ll help me.” She believes in 2019, she help build her new home, and then help many of her neighbors do the same.  

With your support this holiday, we can help Susana, her children, and her whole community build back better.

Make a gift… change a life… be a part of it.