Annual Partners Campaign: Celebrating Our Achievements, Touching More Lives

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Why Your Annual Partner Pledge Matters


The Annual Partners Campaign provides EAB’s most reliable source of income every year, enabling us to budget ambitiously and responsibly. The campaign cultivates a base of long-term donors whose generosity nurtures and supports the health, sustainability, and growth of Education Across Borders.

Our 2017 goal is to raise $70,000 to address the current and emerging needs of our organization. Your commitment now will help to build a sustainable and vibrant future for EAB.

There is tremendous need in the Dominican Republic, where only 22% of children complete 8th grade, and hundreds of thousands live in substandard housing, without access to sanitation, basic education, or health care. Other Dominican communities look at EAB’s success and ask, “Can you help us too?” There is tremendous need in the U.S. also, where many students yearn to make a difference in the lives of others but lack access to an established, safe, and truly effective international service program. Many U.S. students look at EAB’s success and ask, “Can I be part of this too?”

The Goals of EAB’s $70,000 Annual Partners Campaign:

  • Increase staffing levels in DR and Seattle
  • Strengthen and grow our scholarship, housing, and health programs
  • Expand into neighboring communities

Special Matching Opportunity through Oct 31

All NEW and INCREASED pledges will be MATCHED

Up to $15,000!

A Private Foundation has pledged its financial support to help EAB grow

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