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This Holiday, give the gift of hopeWe are THRILLED to report that we met our fundraising goals for this Holiday Season!

Your gift truly makes a difference.

We are so grateful for your generosity this holiday season in support of our friends in the Dominican Republic.  Thanks to you, we raised enough money to build two new homes in a community devastated by fires, give Christmas baskets to families in need, and fund our life-changing work in health, education, and service.

Thanks again and Happy New Year!

Here is the video we made for the campaign in case you missed it…

Building Back Better

Fire DamageWhat if you lost everything?   This summer, Susana’s community in the D.R. did.

In marginalized areas of the Dominican Republic, blackouts are common.   In a small community called Batey II, a power surge exploded a charging cell phone late one night.  Homes there are made of old, cast-off materials: scraps of wood, tin, and cardboard, and often papers are stuffed into the cracks, to keep out dust and mosquitoes. And the homes are packed tightly together, even sharing walls, while the people inside are packed in too.  

When the power surged, and the phone exploded, that room in that home caught fire.  Then the whole house. Then nearly 40 houses.

“This is where I used to live,” Susana told us. “Right away, three rooms burned, including mine, where I lived with my children, my sister, and her child.”Susana and family

Susana and her neighbors lost everything: clothing, bedding, food, and the few possessions they had.  

“I have four children. I don’t have a husband or a job. I only had my house but it burned and now I have nothing. But thanks be to God, I am alive.”

She lost everything except her life and her children… and her hope.

This holiday season, EAB wants to help Susana and her neighbors build back better.  And we want you to be a part of it.

These families are asking for our partnership, because they’ve seen the difference EAB can make.  We listen, we collaborate… and we get things done the right way, for the long term. We change lives, and transform communities.

We’ve built 103 home projects in marginalized Dominican communities, and we’ve done it shoulder-to-shoulder with the beneficiaries. Working with them, not for them. Partnering with, not doing for.more fire damage

Susana is hopeful. “I’m praying that you’ll help me.” She believes in 2019, she help build her new home, and then help many of her neighbors do the same.  

With your support this holiday, we can help Susana, her children, and her whole community build back better.

Make a gift… change a life… be a part of it.

#GivingTuesday 2018 Results


$3,805 was raised on Giving Tuesday!

give nutrition this #givingtuesday

You helped us exceed our goal of $3,000 and made this our most successful #GivingTuesday yet!

Thank you for supporting this wonderful project. Together, we have delivered Christmas nutrition and joy to the neediest Dominican families, who would otherwise go without.

And your gifts helped advance EAB’s “Culture of Service.” The Christmas baskets will be prepared and delivered by EAB’s Dominican scholarship students as part of their regular service to their home communities.

You’ve answered a great need today, and helped “pay it forward” tomorrow.

¡GRACIAS! Thank you!

#GivingTuesday 2018

Give a Basket Now

What’s a holiday celebration without children… food.. and joy?

This Giving Tuesday, Education Across Borders needs you to help us provide Christmas baskets for the 100 neediest families in our partner communities.

These families are working hard, but sometimes that isn’t enough. They need food, and a reason to celebrate.

$30 will provide a struggling family with a decent Christmas dinner, plus plenty of leftovers for these tough times. Rice, beans, ham, bread, sweet potatoes, vegetables, pineapples and other delicious tropical fruits, and much more.

The Christmas Basket provides good nutrition for the body, and a needed lift to the soul. It lets these families know they are seen, and cared for, and that gives them the strength to keep going.

The baskets are planned and prepared by EAB’s Dominican scholarship students, who dedicate hours of their free time to pack them with care, and organize a gifting ceremony in the community that honors, celebrates, and uplifts these families, without making them feel like they’re simply getting a handout.

Because it’s not a handout. This is about walking with each other, sharing love and food generously with your neighbor today, knowing that you might need it tomorrow.

It’s about more than hunger… it’s about humanity.

This Giving Tuesday, be part of these families’ Christmas joy. Give a basket today.  You’ll be feeding body and soul.

Welcome to the team, Jahayra!

Jahayra teaching children

We’ve known Jahayra for many years now, since our first year taking service groups to Franco Bidó in 2003. At that time, she was a painfully shy girl with big glasses and her nose in a book at almost all times.  In time, the shyness faded, but the bookishness didn’t: we noticed her outstanding achievements in school – consistent A’s – and knew EAB had to make our best efforts to accompany her into and through both high school and college.
And in December 2015, she made it, graduating from UASD (the D.R.’s most prestigious public college) in education, the first student in her community to earn a college degree. In that time, we’ve seen her influence and confidence grow. She has helped mentor other students, and taken on more of a leadership role in the community, especially when US service groups are present. Many younger students in the mountainous area where she lives cite her as an example.  “If Jahayra did it, I can too.”
Que así sea – may it be so!Yahayra & Maria Fernanda in 2012