Welcome to the team, Jahayra!

Jahayra teaching children

We’ve known Jahayra for many years now, since our first year taking service groups to Franco Bidó in 2003. At that time, she was a painfully shy girl with big glasses and her nose in a book at almost all times.  In time, the shyness faded, but the bookishness didn’t: we noticed her outstanding achievements in school – consistent A’s – and knew EAB had to make our best efforts to accompany her into and through both high school and college.
And in December 2015, she made it, graduating from UASD (the D.R.’s most prestigious public college) in education, the first student in her community to earn a college degree. In that time, we’ve seen her influence and confidence grow. She has helped mentor other students, and taken on more of a leadership role in the community, especially when US service groups are present. Many younger students in the mountainous area where she lives cite her as an example.  “If Jahayra did it, I can too.”
Que así sea – may it be so!Yahayra & Maria Fernanda in 2012

Our Newest Staff Member

EAB's newest staff member in the Dominican RepublicEAB’s work is coming full circle again! Ronaldo Fransua Charles, whom we’ve known for more than 20 years, and who graduated from high school and college (bachelor, Law) with the support of EAB’s scholarship program, has just come on board. Ronaldo was born and raised in Batey Libertad, and so his personal growth seemed to coincide almost exactly with our mission’s. Ronaldo has previous professional experience with other NGOs in the D.R., and brings that knowledge, plus the deep commitment that only a program beneficiary like him can have, to his new work with us. He’ll be serving as a project coordinator and academic mentor, helping to administer our education and health programs, and guiding young students toward the same kind of academic success he’s experienced personally.  We can’t wait to see the difference he’ll make!