EAB Leadership

John McLaughlin, Director

Director and co-founder of EAB, John is a graduate of Gonzaga College High School (Washington, DC), the University of Virginia, and the University of Iowa. He lived in the Dominican Republic from 1997-1999, where he was assistant director of Creighton University’s  Semestre Dominicano program, as well as working as a writer and teacher. In 1999, he created The Pentecost Project, and has led nearly 50 group immersion programs since, for colleges, schools, and parishes nationwide; this program’s health and service components fused with a scholarship program to become EAB.  In the US, he has worked with homeless and ex-offender populations for both secular and Catholic non-profit organizations. He has completed spiritual formation programs at Seattle University and the Center for Action & Contemplation in Albuquerque, NM. John’s articles about the DR have appeared in various periodicals; his novel, Run in the Fam’ly (University of Tennessee Press, 2007) won multiple literary prizes. John lives with his wife and two children in Seattle.

William “Papito” Poleyó Jose, Batey Libertad Program Director

A co-founder of EAB, Papito was born and raised in Batey Libertad, where he lives with his wife and ten children and stepchildren. Over the course of over 25 years, he has held various leadership positions in his community, and has initiated multiple projects in the areas of literacy, worker rights, preventative health, clean water access, and community farming, among others.

Felicia Puntiel Pichardo, Franco Bidó Program Director

A co-founder of EAB, Fella directs the Clínica San Gregorio, EAB’s free-access community clinic. She has worked in various hospital, clinic, and medical operative contexts for over 40 years, while conducting countless preventative health workshops in various rural communities. A coffee farmer, she sits on the governing board of her community’s coffee cooperative.

Yanlico Munesi Dusdal, Academic Mentor & Project Assistant

A graduate (Accounting, 2010) of EAB’s college scholarship program, Yanlico is Coordinator of Youth Programs (including Deportes Para la Vida) for DREAM Project, an educational nonprofit on the northern Dominican coast. He was born and raised in Batey Libertad.

Milanda Ramirez Estache, Academic Mentor

A graduate (Nursing, 2012) of EAB’s college scholarship program, Milanda was also born and raised in Batey Libertad. She worked previously with the Mariposa DR Project, and is currently a medical student in Santiago.

Jahayra Espinal Nuñez, Academic Mentor

A graduate (Education, 2015) of EAB’s scholarship program, Jahayra was born and raised in Franco Bidó.