Sanitario Batey II-A

Service-Learning Immersion

We have taken 62 groups (as of March 2020), from over a dozen schools, universities, and parishes across the US, to the DR for a unique experience that changes their lives… and the lives of those they go to serve.


We support 100 students at university, technical school, and secondary, and primary levels from the communities of Batey Libertad, Batey Dos,  Franco Bidó, and Janey. As of August 2019, 76 students have graduated from high school, 5 from technical school, and 10 from university– accomplishments that would have been impossible without the collaboration of EAB. Many other students eagerly await scholarships.  We also support an adult literacy program, and in June 2019 supported our 5th annual summer school academic enrichment camps for primary school students, which are planned, organized, staffed, and directed entirely by our college and high school scholarship students.

Housing and Sanitation.

EAB has made possible the new construction or major repair of 108 homes (as of Sept 2019), and constructed 65 basic latrines (from 1998-2012) where there were previously none, as well as 36 composting latrines (from Jan 2013- Sept 2017).


We have erected a free-access community clinic in Franco Bidó, which now provides basic health care and medicine thanks to our collaboration with CrossLink International. Community leaders also conduct preventative health workshops. Our US service-learning immersion groups take thousands of dollars worth of life-saving medicines to the clinic every year.


Two community parks and hundreds of new trees now stand in Batey Libertad, providing shade, community meeting space, and recreational areas. We have supported reforestation in mountainous areas around Franco Bidó, especially with fruit trees which supplement income and food for coffee farmers experiencing depleted crops due to “rust” fungus. We have supported the building of low-emission wood-burning stoves in that same community, and have funded hen projects to provide families with more protein and income.

Racial Reconciliation

By facilitating dialogue and community exchanges between youth and adults of US, Dominican, and Haitian descent, EAB helps to heal wounds inflicted by centuries of exploitation and enmity.

Culture of Service.

All of our projects are directed by Dominican community leaders in consultation with the US Board of Directors. They are realized through the efforts of empowered community members with the aid of Pentecost Project immersion trip groups and supporters like you!